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Defiance of The Fall Book 1 – JF Brink

Stand defiant of the fall of civilization as you know it, and embrace the new world order of the Multiverse in Defiance of the Fall Book 1.


Defiance of the Fall book 1 cover

Story Synopsis

It’s the end of the world as you know it. The System has arrived on Earth, and everything is about to change. Billions of lives are lost in the event known as The Integration, as undead, demons and other mythological beasts take on physical form in the new world order, and the rule of the strong begins. Join Zac, an animator for a marketing firm in his journey to overcome neigh impossible odds to survive almost certain demise.

Will he survive this brutal reality he was forced into?

Defiance of the Fall Series: 12 books (So Far)

This is the first book in the Defiance of the Fall series, one of our all-time favorite Lit-RPG series. It is fairly long, coming in at 776 pages, and each subsequent book is of similar length. The series is ongoing, with the latest book being book 12. Each book in the series shares the same name, “Defiance of the Fall”; the only telltale difference between each book is “Book 1-12” and unique cover art.

Read our Review of this book [4.5/5].

Additional information


Defiance of the Fall (Book 1)


JF Brink

Page Count

776 Pages



Publication Date

May 27, 2021


5.25 x 1.94 x 8 inches (Physical Copy Edition)

ISBN – 13



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